Studio Dedicated To Female Foot Artistry

Our studio specializes in the photography and videography of female foot modeling and is dedicated to the art of foot fetishism and all it’s different aspects and presenting in a fun, sensual and erotic way. Our studio is truly dedicated to the genre and the content we produce and we are the only production studio in Canada of it’s kind.

 Professional Photos and Video Content

Our photos and video content cover a variety of areas and genres. Whether it be classic pin-up, boudoir, glamour, erotica or something more unique we want to cater to a wide audience. We also believe in producing content that ia realistic and reflects the professionalsim and care that we take in our overall presentation.

 Customized Photo and Video Requests

We offer people the chance to direct their own production, whether it be a photo series or a video clip our customized photos and videos are for the true collector. We also offer worn items from the shoots we do for those wanting something more personal from the sessions we do and something that is authentic from the performers who work with us.

 Regular Photo Updates and Feature Performers

We are always updating our site and social media regularly with new photo sets, video clips and sneak peeks of upcoming work we also have feature performers who are always producing new content and give a great cross section of different genres and themes, they understand the genre and the audience and this comes across in the work they do.